Welcome to Millennial High. Be INspired.


Millennial High is an inspirational and informational radio show for the trendsetting millennial looking for motivation, inspiration and deep conversation. Created, produced and hosted by vibrational architect, visionary and creative, Tia Shashai. She wanted a radio show that would serve as “a platform for those who want to inspire and provoke others to go beyond what they ever deemed possible.”

A lover of TED talks, dance music and all things inspirational, Tia seeks to pull from her guests and listener their true essence by her easy going format and insightful form of questioning. Of course, we must play some tunes so to make it fun Tia throws a little dance, house and EDM tunes in the mix!

Listen to Millennial High every Sunday from 12pm to 1 pm EST

Here’s how:


If you have an inspiration, motivational or thought provoking message you want to share with the millennials of the world; I want you. Be on the show. Oh, this means any musicians, thought leaders, idealist, or just really cool people with a story to share — like you! Send us a message. We’ll vibe soon!